How to Coordinate Research Paper Projects

Joining a Research Project

When joining a research project, or starting one, first make sure that everyone on the team has the same answers to these questions:

Inviting Members to a Research Project

Steps for inviting new members on the research project:

  1. Update the answers to the questions above
  2. Check that everyone on the team is still in sync with the answers without the new contributor
  3. Propose new answers to the questions above.
  4. Get explicit OKs to updated answers for the following questions from each current contributor:

Submitting a Research Paper to a Conference

  1. At start of project:
  2. Early in the project:
  3. Throughout the project:
  4. Once the core experiments have been run:
  5. Registration and submission: Get the submission emails for all coauthors. When registering the paper, make sure that all co-authors have the ability to add conflicts and otherwise modify the submission. Regularly upload paper draft to website, it can be amended as many times as necessary.